Applied Chemistry-I Diploma Engineering Question paper

Applied Chemistry-I Diploma Engineering Question paper 


Polytechnic Applied Chemistry –I question paper can be used full all Diploma Engineering candidate who study different – different engineering Branch like civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, Computer science, and Electrical engineering to first year diploma engineering student help to get more around mark of the subject .

 Applied Chemistry-I Diploma Engineering  Question paper . 


Q1. Fill in the Blank

  1. Atomicity of Nitrogen is ______.
  2. Matter made up of one type of atom is called _______.
  3. NA is the symbol for _______
  4. The molecule formed from one of atoms is Called ______
  5. Molecular Formula ={_______}.

(B)True and False Statement

  1. Empirical formula shows the simplest ratio of atom.
  2. If Vapour density of a compound is 37,its molecular weight will be 74.
  3. Molecule can exit independently .
  4. Compound is a Impure Substance.
  5. Molecular weight of H2 So4 (sulphuric Acid )is 49.


Q2. Attempt any Two questions :

  1. On Analysis of an organic Compound Following data were obtained .

C=65.73%, H=15.06%, N=19.21%

If the vapour density of the Compound is 37, determine its Molecular formula .

  1. Write the four different between Following .
  • Element and Compound
  • Atom and Ion
  1. Element A,B,C and D have atomic number 11,8,1 and 17 respectively . Give the Formula of the Compound formed between (a) A and B   (b)  B and C

Q3. Attempt any two question :

  1. 20g of substance give on Combustion 0.04g water and 0.195g Co2 calculate the Percentage Composition of element present In the Compound .
  2. Write down the Chemical formula of the following Compound .

(a)Oxalic Acid   (b) Green Vitriol   (C)  Nessler reagent   (D) Baking soda   (E)  Potassium        Permanganate .

  1. Write the definition of Following Terms :
  • Symbol (B) Skeleton Equation   (C)  Molecules  (D)  Empirical formula  (E)  Homogeneous Mixture .

Q4. Write a short note on any four form the Following :

  1. Chlorination
  2. Acid Rain.
  3. Ostwald’s
  4. Duplication of ozone layer.
  5. Hydrogen Bond .

Note: Diploma engineering conduct of all engineering Branch First year courses content to all branch like civil, mechanical, computer science, electrical and any more engineering trade , this Paper can be use full all Engineering trade student .

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