B.tech Java Programming Preview Year Questions paper

B.tech Java Programming  Preview Year Questions paper  


The java Programming Question Paper Can be used full for all IT and CS Student , this Java Programming Question Paper help the IT Student and Get  more Out of Number this Java Programming Subject .

B.TECH JAVA Programming Question Paper

Subject Java Programming

Time Durations : 3 hour                              Maximum Mark : 70 Marks

Sections  A

Note : Attempt Any Five Question .

Q1. Define Java Virtual machine ?.

Q2. Explains Java Operator and Expressions with an Example ?.

Q3. Explain and Detailed about Thread Priorities and Thread Scheduling ?.

Q4.Expalin String class and Various of Method in Java Programming ?.

Q5.Explian Input and Output Streams with Suitable Examples ?.

Q6.Exaplin in Java Data Types ?.

Sections B

Note: Attempt any Five Questions

Q1. Describe the Two Executors Factory Methods ?.

Q2. Define Significance of an Abstract Class ?.

Q3. What is Inheritance ?  how will you call Parameterized Constructor and Over rided Method form Parent Class in Sub Class ?.

Q4. What are the Advantages of Generic Programming ?.

Q5. Define Event Delegation Model ?.

Q6.Write the Different States in a Thread?.

Sections C

Note: Attempt Any Five Question

Q1. What is Java ? Define Java Object and Class ?.

Q2. Define Java Basic Data Types and Explains?.

Q3.Define Java Variables Types ?.

Q4. Explain Java Basic Operator  and Discus Sum Java Operator?.

Q5. Define and Explains Java Overriding ?.

Q6.What is Java Networking and Explain Java Networking Feathers ?.

Section D

Note: Attempt Any Five Question

Q1. What are RMI ? and write a code Remote Method Using Java RMI ?

Q2. Define Java Beans ? and how to Used Beans in JSP Page?.

Q3. Define Java Exceptions ? and Explain Briefly Different Types of Java Exceptions ?.

Q4. Explain Different Between application and Applet ? and way be Used Java Applet ?.

Q5. Define Java Overloading Method and Java Overriding method ?.

Q6.What is Java Life Cycle of a Servlet ? and Define Briefly how to Used Java Servlet ?.


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