B.tech Software engineering Preview year Question paper

B.tech Software engineering Preview year Question paper


Software Engineering Questions Paper can be used full  all computer science Engineering student to help the get more out of mark in Software engineering subject .   

Subject = software Engineering

Note: Attempt all Question

Q1. Attempt any Three Questions

  1. Discuss Software engineering Capability Maturity model in details with key Process areas .Compare CMM model With ISO 9000?.
  2. List Five Desirable Characteristics of Good SRS document .Discuss the Relative advantage of formal and informal Requirement Specifications ?.
  • What are Entity Relationship model ? why we use E-R Model ? what are the Components of E-R model ?.
  1. Describe the major software quality assurance activity and indicate their importance ?.


Q2. Attempt any three Question :

  1. Define Software Engineering and how it is Different from Conventional engineering process ?.
  2. Write down major Characteristics of Software . with a diagram that the software does not wear –out?.
  • Should a development organization adapt a single Process model for all its Software development ? Discuss the Pros and Cons ?.
  1. Describe the various steps in software development life Cycle ? Explain the Spiral model in details .

Q3. Attempt any Two Question:

  1. Discuss the difference between black box and structural testing and suggest how they can be defect testing Process . What do you understand by the Software Maintenance ?.
  2. What do you mean by Construction Cost Estimation model . Explains all three level i.e basic , intermediate and Complete . Using a Schematic diagram and Suitable example show the order in which the following are estimated in the COCOMO estimation Techniques : Cost , Duration , Size ?.
  • Define the Following
  • Software Reverse Engineering
  • Software Re- Engineering

Q4. Attempt any Three Questions :

  1. Define Software architecture . Explain why it may be Necessary to Design the System Architecture after the specifications written example . Compare Function oriented and Object Oriented design ?.
  2. What do you mean by Terms Cohesion and Coupling in Context of Software design ?.
  • How can you compute the Cyclomatic  Complexity useful in Progress Testing ?.

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