BCA Management Information System Questions Paper for UTU

The Management Information System Priview Year  Question paper Can be Useful for  all BCA and BSc IT and Computer Science and, IT  Management student , the Student can be achievement  of out of number and Improved you management Skill .  Management Information System Priview Year Question paper Provided to you all the Inforamtion about Mangament Sicence and Detials .

BCA  Management Information  System Questions Paper  for UTU


Time : 3 Hour                                                                                              Total Marks 70

Attempt Any Four  Questions :

Q1. State and Explain role of Each Component of the Information System with Suitable Diagram ?.

Q2. State and Justify with suitable diagram ?.” MIS Supports to management Process “?.

Q3. Justify whether Adhar Card is an E-Governance ?. If yes what are the benefits of E-Governance System ?.

Q4. Justify with Example , “ MIS System is called as a Cross Functional Enterprise System “?.

Q5. What is MIS ? Explain Cycle of MIS ?.

Attempt any Three Questions :

Q5. What Does “R.I.G.L “ Mean ? What Types of Business entity Should form to Transact the Business ?.

Q6.Suppose you want to Set up Business of Milk Shop , how Different types of Analytical modeling are applicable your business , Justify with Example ?.

Q7. Explain with Example : B 2B ,B2C , C2C, C2G , G2G ?.

Q8. What kind of Data Security is Needed in Corporate database ? Explain with Example ?.

Attempt any Three Questions :

Q9. “Customer Relationship Management is the Key any Successful  business “, Justify with Benefits and Challenges of CRM ?.

Q10. Just With Example , “Data Mining is the key for decision Support System “?.

Q11. Design a Complete MIS For Hotel Business , Draw Blocks Semantics for Same ?.    

Attempt any Three Questions :

Q12. What are the Different Security Measures to be taken while Developing E-business applications ?.

Q13. Write short Note with Appropriate example on:

  1. Patents
  2. Hacking
  3. Cyber Crime

Q14. What is BPO? What is The Motive for BPO set UP ? Explain with Advantages of BPO ?.


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