BCA .NET Technology Preview Year Question paper for UTU

BCA .NET Technology Preview Year Question paper for UTU

BCA .NET Technology Preview Years Questions Paper can be Used Full for all IT And Computer Science BCA/MCA student that can be Help the Out of Number this .NET Technology subject. 



TIME : 3 HOUR                                                                 Total Marks : 70

Attempt any Two Questions :

Q1. Write a short Note on .Net Framework? Differentiate between event driven and object oriented approach of Programming Language ?.

Q2. Explain Common Language Runtime (CLR) with Diagram. What is Reflection in .NET ?

Q3. Write a VB.NET program to count the total number of words in a string , also write a code to count all occurrences of a Particular word enter by user ?.

Attempt any Two Questions :

Q4. What do you mean by IDE environment in .NET ? What do you mean by Namespace in .NET ?

Q5.  Explain in Brief:

  • OpenFileDialog Control
  • Print Dialog Control

Q6. What is  Master Pages?  ? Explain Textbox Control with its Important properties , Methods ?

Attempt any Two Question :

Q7. Write a program in VB.Net  that will read a string and Rewrite it in the alphabetical order , the word Software should be written as AEFORSTW ?

Q8. What are the ADO Objects ? Name the four different cursor types in ADO and describe them briefly?

Q9.Explain Following Properties of Grid View Control .

  • Pagesize
  • Selected index
  • Caption align
  • Back Image Url

Attempt any two Questions :

Q10. What is Create object and Get Object ? what are the Available Technologies for accessing database form Visual basic 6.o ?

Q11. What is Debugging ? write a note on various types of Errors in Visual Basic ?

Q12. What is OLE Automation ?  what is the File extensions used in Visual Basic ?

Attempt any Two Questions :

Q13. Write a short Note :

  • Namespace
  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)

Q14. How the variables are declared in Visual basic and describe the different Types of variables with Example ?

Q15. How try Catch Finally statement is Executed ? Explain in Brief with Example ?.

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