BCA Web Programming Using Java Question Paper for UTU

BCA Web Programming Using Java Question Paper for UTU

The BCA Web Programming Using Java Preview Year Question paper can be Usefull for all BCA Student to Help the Idea of Web Programming Question paper and get out of Number in Web Programming Subject . 


Attempt any Two Questions :

Q1. Differentiate between web Browser and Web Server . Mention the Name of Some web server , Browser and Some Protocols used in Web?.

Q2. How do you manage a web team ? Describe 5 Key Challenges to web manager .?

Q3. What is Cyber Crime ?. Explain IT act 2000. Discuss 2 Sides of Indian Cyber Law or IT act of India ?.


Attempt ant Two Question

Q4. Write short notes on the Following tags of HTML:

  • <obj>
  • <<Meta>
  • <Pre>

Q5. Create an Html Document to Include an Image. Use the Width and Height attributes of the <IMG>tag to (A) increate the Image size by 100% (B) increase the Image Size by 50% (C) Change the Width to Height ratio to 2:1 ?.

Q6. Specify the Html Tags to accomplish the Following

  1. Insert a framed web page with the First frame extending 300 pixels across the page from the Left side.
  2. Insert the ordered list that will have numbering by lowercase roman numbers
  3. Insert a scrollable list in a form that will always display four entries of the list .
  4. Insert an Image map onto a page using an Image and map with name =”hello” as the Image map, and have hello be the alt text ?.


Attempt any two Questions

Q7. Write a java script that reads five integers and determines the largest and the smallest integers in the Group?.

Q8.Differentiate between J script and java Script, write a java script function to display the current date and time in a textbox attached on web page, Functions must invoke on a clicks of a button available on the web page?.

Q9. What is DHTML? Discuss the advantages  and Disadvantages of using style sheets. Crate mouse over effect on the hyperlinked page?.


Attempt any Two Questions :

Q10. How xml is Defined ? Give the xml syntax and structure rules?.

Q11. What are the various Contents of an Element in a DTD? Write the syntax of Declaring an attribute in a DTD?.

Q12. What are the components of an xml file? What is the benefit of having strict rules for well formed xml documents over HTML ?


Attempt any Two Questions :

Q13.explain how CGI works ? Discuss the issues in Authentication and Security in CGI Server side Scripts ?.

Q14. What is client side and server side scripting ? How we can add cookies using VB Script , Explain with a Example ?.

Q15. Explain the request and response object of HTTP. Also differentiate between the working of get and Post method in ASP?.


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