BSC IT E-Governance Preview Years Question Paper For UTU

BSC IT E-Governance Preview Years Question Paper

BSC IT E-Governance Preview Years Question paper can be used full for ALL IT And computer Science Student that allow to Achieve More Number for E-Governance Subject.

Time Duration: 3 Hours                                                                                                                 maximum Marks 70

Note: Attempt The All question.

Q1. Attempt the Following:

  • How digital Signature is used for Security?
  • Define line Payment system? Explain in details, also, discus the several of Risk associated with it?
  • Explain about broadband Telecommunication?
  • Explain the different network security Problems with Solutions?
  • Briefly Explain Frame relay in board band Communication?
  • Discuss E-Governance, Explain the Business to Administration model?.

Q2. Write A short Note on the Following:

  • Client –Server Security Threats?
  • ATM & Cyber Cash?
  • Supply Chain Management?
  • Nonrepudiation & Message Integrity?
  • Electronic, Digital and Virtual Internet Payment System?.
  • Trade Cycle and describe the different Stages of Trade Cycle?

Q3. Attempt any two of the Following?

  • What is Data Encryption Standard? Explain the Working of DES Algorithms?
  • What is EDI & its components? What is EDI Envelope for Message? Explain? Explain EDI Architecture and Function in Details
  • Explain the Potential benefits of Could Computing in the E-governance, what is the   Infrastructure required for to be adopted on large scale by the Users?

Q4.Attpmet Any Two Of the Following

  • Explain the Mechanism to address the Challenges relating to online trust, Security and individual Privacy?.
  • Describe the SET and Its Significance Distinguish between SSL and SET Protocol Explain How SSL Protocol is used for Secure Transaction?
  • Define RSA Algorithm, Compare and Contrast Symmetric Key Encryption and Public Key with an Example to achieve Cryptography? 


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