Bsc IT Advance Java Programming Question Paper for UTU

Bsc IT Advance Java Programming Question Paper for UTU 

BSC IT Advacne Java Programming Question paper can be Used full for all IT Stdudent to Get out of Number in This Subject :

Note: Attempt Any Two Questions :

Q1. Explain the Features of Java. Why Java is Known  as Secure Programming Language ?.

Q2. Explain Various Primitive Data Types Available in Java. Also Differentiate Between ASCII and Unicode Character set of Java?.

Q3. What is Multithreading ? How it Can be Achieved in Java ? Explain Both the Ways in Which in Which Multithreading is Achieved using Thread Class or Using Runnable Interface ?.

Note : Attempt Any Three Questions :

Q1. Which Package is Used to Perform Input /Output Operations in Java? Mention 5 Input Stream Classes and 5 Output Stream Classes , and Also Differentiate Between Input Streams and Reader Classes?.

Q2. What is Applet ?. How it Can be Created in Java Programming ? Write down the Steps to Run an Applet Program . and Also Show the Class Hierarchy of Applet Class?.

Q3. What is Frame ? Which Layout is By Default Supported by Frame Class ? Write A Program to Add two Buttons and a Test Field on a Frame , When first Button is Clicked , a Welcome Message appears in text Field and When Second Button is Clicked the Text Filed Becomes Blanks .

Q4. Explain the Life Cycle of Applet . Write an Applet Program which Displays “Hello World” Message in the Center of the applet .

Note: Attempt Any Three Question :

Q1 What is Java Bean? Explain the Java API for Developing Bean , Generally which tool/IDE is useful for Deploying the Bean ? Explain the Role of Manifest Template file . How a Jar File is Created Containing Bean ?

Q2 What is Servlet? Explain the Life Cycle of Servlet . Which Packages . Classes and Interface are Useful  in Developing Servlet Application ?

Q3 Differentiate Between AWT and Swing Components . Why Swing Components are known as Light Weight Components ? Write a Swing Program to Create a Java Applet Having some Swing Components ?

Q4 Write Short Notes on Following ?

  1. Static
  2. Native

Note: Attempt Any Two Question

Q1 Explain the Various JDBC Drivers . Write down the Steps for Registering a Driver , Creating a Connections And Statement Instance ?.

Q2. Write Short Note on Following


Q3 Explain Why Menu –Bar Cannot be Attached on Applet ? Write a Program to Add a Menu –Bar on a Frame , Having two Menus and 3 Menu items in Each Menu ?.

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