BSc IT Database Management System Preview Year Questions Paper

BSc IT Database Management System  Preview Year  Questions Paper 

The Databases management System Preview Year Question Paper Can be Useful for all IT Department Student that can be help the gain out of Number in this Subject , basically the DBMS is Totally Depend on a Management solutions and Study.     

Attempt Any Two Questions :

Q1. Explain Three level Architecture of DBMS ?.

Q2. Explain the Difference between primary key, Candidate Key and Super key ?.

Q3. Construct an E-R Diagram for a Hospital with asset of Patients and set of Doctors , Associate with Patient a log of the various tests and examinations Conducted ?.

Attempt any Two Questions :

Q4. What are Codd’s  Rules? How many Rules must be Followed for a language to be Completed RDBMS ?.

Q5. What are Domain constraints ? Explain with Example ?.

Q6. Consider a database Schema and Answer the following queries in Relational algebra :

Employee (eid, Name , Address , Salary, dno) dno is Reference key of dumber form department table ,Department (dnumber ,dname ,mgr_id is reference key of eid form employee table , Dependent (eid,dependent _name ,bdate,Relationship)

  • Retrieve the Name of All the employees with more than Two Dependents .
  • Retrieve the Name and Address of Employees who have no Dependent .
  • List the Names of Managers that have at least one dependent .

Attempt Any Two Questions :

Q7. What is Structured query language ? Give its Characteristics and Advantages also , Also Explain SQL Operators ?.

Q8. Consider the Following table : A,B  ,AB in Which S# is Supplier id P# is product code and Qty is quantity and other carry their respective meanings .

A(S#,Sname ,Scity ,Turnover)

B(P#,Wieght ,Color ,Cost,Sell-Price )

AB (S#,P#,Qty)

Write down the appropriate SQL Statements for the following :

  • Get the Details of Suppliers that operate form Lcuknow with Turnover 500.
  • Get the Name and Cities of Suppliers whose name begin with S.

Q9. Write short Notes on the Following :

  1. Aggregate Functions
  2. Triggers .

Attempt any Two Questions :

Q10. Discuss the Various anomalies associated with relational database management system by suitable example ?.

Q11. What do you mean the Functional dependency ? How is it Different to that of Multivalued and Functional Dependency ?.

Q12. Write short Notes on Following :

  1. 3 NF
  2. BCNF

Attempt any Two Questions :

Q13. What do you mean by serializability? Discuss the Conflict and View serializability with suitable example ?.

Q14. What do you mean the transactions system ? List the ACID Properties for Transactions . Discuss the recovery form Transactions failure also ?.

Q15. What is Deadlock ? When does it Occur ? How is it Detected in databases system ? How can it be avoided ? Discuss in Details ?.

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