C programming language is a one of the most popular computer Programming Languages . its allowed  the c Programming developed Software application without worrying about the hardware platform’s where they will be implemented . C Programming also know is high level language .

C  programming originally developed by Denis  Ritchie . C is handling debugging , testing and maintenance of Programs and structured.      


Section A

Q1. Attempt any five Question.

  1. What is c Programming ? explain of history of C Programming.
  2. What is Algorithm?
  3. Define high level language over machine language ? explain advantages and disadvantages .
  4. What is compiler and Interpreters ?
  5. Explain the use Printf and scanf function with example.

   Section B

             1.what is Keywords ? explain types of keyword.? 

  1.   write a C programs to print Following Output ?






  1. Explain C Data Types.?
  2. Define C Storages Classes .?
  3. What is C operators .? discuss about types of Operators.?


 Section c

  1. What is Arrays ? also define types of arrays ?.
  2. What are Pointers ? How to use Pointers?.
  3. Write a Programs to Calculate sum of 5 Subject and find Percentage?.
  4. Write a Programs to Print Fibonacci Series ?.
  5. Explain the Different kind of loops Available in C?.



Section D

  1. Write a Programs to find Factorial of a Number?.
  2. Write a programs to to find two multiply matrices?.
  3. What is Preprocessors ? define some Preprocessors in c?.
  4. Write a programs to find whether given number is a prime number or Not?.
  5. Write a programs to add Two number using Pointers ?.


Section E

  1. Define header files of C Programming?.
  2. What is types casting in C Programming ?.
  3. Discuss of Memory Management of C?.
  4. Write a programs find factorial Number using functions?.
  5. Write a programs to Armstrong number using array ?.      



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