Graphic Designers Full Exam Pattern & Syllabus 2016

Graphic Designers Full Exam Pattern & Syllabus 2016

Become a Good Graphic Designer you need a Good Creativity skill on your Graphic Designer Filed .

Basically the Graphic Designer is Briefly Refers to the crating and Designing Professional  , Graphic , Picture Editing , Logo Designed , website developers   , And some attractive Visual Effect and etc.

Some of Basic Information about of Graphic Designer Skill

Education qualification :  The creative and innovation  Interested candidate who make  a Career in Graphic Designer who pass out 12th class for any stream candidate apply the Graphic Designer various of Courses like Degree and diploma , Certificate and etc.

Graphic Designers Full  Exam Pattern & Syllabus 2016 

Full Details Syllabus of Graphic Designer Official Courses :

Chapter 1 Adobe Photoshop

Getting Started with Photoshop , Introductions of Adobe Photoshop , about Photoshop , Menu and Panels , Navigating Photoshop , Opening and exiting file and folder , save file format , Exploring the Photoshop Toolbox , Exploring Panels and Menus , Creative and Viewing a New Document, Customizing the Adobe Photoshop Interface  and etc.

Chapter 2 Image File Working Graphic Designer

Working with Images , working with Multiple Image , Rulers , Guides , and Grids , and explorer ,

Zooming with Planning an Images , Resizing and Cropping Images , the Images setting Command , Interpolation options , Understanding Pixels and Resolutions and working Canvas size and Canvas Rotations .

Chapter 3 Color Corrections

Introductions to Color Corrections ,  Color Spaces And Color Modes , The Auto Color Command , The Variations Command , Quick Mask Options and Painting selections , Saving and Removing selections form the Background , Introductions Different File Format , Saving file with web devices , Photoshop effective Filters and Smart Filters , Photoshop Quick mask Options Photoshop Painting tool , using the paint Brush Tool , working with colors , and Gradients  , Crating and Working with Brushes and using Pencil and eraser tools , working with Layers , Understanding the Backgrounds Layers , Selecting , Linking , and deleting Layers .

Graphic Designer Full Details  and Information about Career , Top Colleagues, and Syllabus  Click here




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