Polytechnic Engineering Drawing –I Preview year Questions papers

Polytechnic Engineering Drawing –I  Preview year Questions papers

Diploma Semester Examinations 2015-16

Courses: Common to all Engg. Branches

Code: 1005

Subject: engineering Drawing –I

Year/Sem. : I Semester

Time Durations : 3 Hours   M.M 100

Note: Attempt any five Questions in all, Including questions number . 7which is Compulsory , Assume suitable dimensions wherever not mentioned , Use Drawing sheet to both side .

Q1. (A) Fill in the blanks of the Following Statements

  • The inclination of letters in recommended by B.I.S is ……………
  • The size of the title block is recommended by B.I.S in Drawing sheet is ………….
  • Two recommended system of Placing the dimensions are …………… and ……………
  • When measurement are require in the Unit , Such as Meter , Decimeter and centimeter scale is Used …………..
  • ………….. Centimeters in a Kilometer
  • The R.F of Full Size Scale is Always ………………….
  • The minimum distance between two points is Known as ……………
  • The object is Situated …………….. of Horizontal Plane and ………..of vertical Plane in third angle Projections .
  • If top view of a line Found as a point , Its front view is …… to the XY.
  • The Projection of the object found on the Vertical plane is Called ………

(B) Write a Following Lettering in Single stroke , Vertical Capital , Free hand letters in 12 mm Height .

Q2. (A) Construct a Plain Scale of R.F =1/25 to show meters  and decimeters, and long enough  to measure upto 4 Metres, Show a Distance of 3.7 metres on the Scale .

(B) Construct an ellipse by concentric circle method when major axis 80 mm and minor axis 50 mm in given .

Q3. Draw Standard Convention /Symbol block wise any ten of the Following Material :

  1. Glass
  2. Straight Knurlingn
  3. Centre Line
  4. Long Break Line
  5. Round Rod
  6. Aerial (Antena)
  7. Bulb
  8. Water Meter
  9. Gate Valve
  10. Gate Valve
  11. Variable Inductors

Q4. Draw the Projections (Front and top View ) any four of the Following :

  1. A Point is 30 mm above of the H.P And 25 mm in front of V.P
  2. A Point K is 35 mm below of H.P And 20 mm in front of V.P
  3. 80 mm Long a Straight line PQ is Parallel to both planes .
  4. 70 mm long a straight line AB is Perpendicular to The H.P

Q5. A square plane ABCD of 30 mm side has resting on one of its corner in H.P plane is inclined 35 angle with H.P then draw the Projections of the plane in third angle projections .

Q6. (A) a line AB is 80 mm long makes an angle of 45 with H.P and 30 with V.P its end A is 20 MM below the H.P And 30 mm behind the V.P Draw the Projection of the line and show its traces.

(B) show by single diagram of Size dimension and Locations dimension .

Q7. An isometric view of a block is shown in figure 1. Draw its Plan , Elevations and side view in the given directions , Third angle projection method should be applied .


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