Polytechnic English & Communication Skill I Question Paper

Polytechnic English & Communication Skill I Question Paper


Note: All Questions are Compulsory.

Q1. (A) Fill up the blank with Suitable word-(On the Basic of Your text book)

  1. One Day ……… Lost his Lesson books
  2. …………… was a senior clerk in the Revenue Division office.

(B) Write ‘True’ or ‘False’ For Each sentence given below –

  1. Thanappa was Not liked by the people in the town.
  2. The selfish Giant had stayed with his Friend for Five Years.
  3. Bishamber had gone to Calcutta for Business.
  4. Peace cannot be had without our Paying the Price for it.

Q2. Answer any one of the following question in about 100 words-

  1. How was Phatik feeling in Calcutta? Which things of His village was he missing there?
  2. Write the central idea of the Poem

Q3. Answer any two of the following question-(Each within 30 words)

  1. Why did the spring not visit the giant’s garden?
  2. Where did the poet see the daffodils?
  3. Which form of government is becoming popular world?

Q4. Answer any if the following question?

  1. Describe the objective of Communication?
  2. Describe the Process of Communication?
  3. Define verbal and Non-verbal communication?.


Q5. Write a paragraph of About 150 World on any one of the following topics?

  1. Unity is Strength?
  2. Importance of books

Q6. Name Part of Speech of each word in the Following sentence?.

Stars Shine brightly.

Q7. Read the Following Passage and Answer the question given below it –

Learning a Language is a popular hobby, , we all know that babies are the best learners, their openness energy and Playfulness makes their learning easy , if you are willing to learn a language , you can also adopt the same method , Don’t worry about making mistakes in order to learn new world repeat them over and over, try to listen the language  , Learn world of your won interest Wherever you find New Word , write them in your diary and find the meaning in dictionary , practice speaking the language with friends , practice makes a man perfect.

  1. What is a popular hobby according to the write?
  2. Who are the best Learns?
  3. How can a Person learn new words?
  4. Give a Suitable title to the above passage

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