Polytechnic  ALL  engineering  Branche Question paper  of applied Physics-I

Courses  :Common to All Engineering Branches

Code   : 1003

Subject  :applied Physics –I

Year/Sem  : Ist


Note:  Attempt five Questions Including Question No.1 Which is Compulsory .

  • (A) write true or false of the Following
  • Light Year is the unit of distance .
  • If vectors A` and B` are perpendicular to each other then A‘xB`=0.
  • Surface tension of a liquid Increases with increase in temperature .
  • Frequency of ultrasonic waves is more than 20 KHz.
  • Time of Reverberation increases with increase in the volume of meeting hall.

(B) Fill in the Blanks

  • If the Percentage error in measuring the side of a cube is 1% then the percentage in volume will be  _____


  • In rotational motion the equivalent quantity of mass is



  • A Car and a truck are Moving with same Kinetic energy . The linear momentum of ______ will be more .
  • At ______ value of temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit scales is same .
  • Absorptive power of an ideal black body is __________


  • (A) Find the dimensional formula of the following Physical Quantities .
  • Pressure
  • Energy
  • Impulse
  • Stress
  • Gravitational Constant


(B)  Define Centripetal Force. Derive an expression for Centripetal force in terms of Frequency ?.

  1. (A) Define angular Momentum . Describe law of conservation of angular momentum with examples .

(B) the rate of revolutions of a motor increases from 10 Cycles /Second to 20 cycles/second in 10 second in 10 second . calculate  ___

  • Angular acceleration
  • Angle covered in 4 seconds /4
  • Number of rounds completed in 4 seconds
  1. (A) Write Stoke law. Derive an expression for co-efficient of viscosity of a liquid using Stoke law.

(b)A man weighing 70kg is standing in a soft   . what will be his apparent weight when____

  • Lift is moving upwards with 4.9 m/sec acceleration
  • Lift is moving downwards with 4.9 m/sec acceleration

5.(A)  Define the Following

  • Isothermal surface
  • Temperature gradient
  • Steady state
  • Thermal Conductivity

(B) In steady state the Temperature of the ends of 20  cm long metallic rod are 70 c and 20 c the temperature of the rod at 6 cm distance from hot end .

6.(A) Prove that the motion of a simple pendulum is simple harmonic Derive an expression for its time period .

(B) In simple Harmonic motion of a particle amplitude is 5 cm. If the acceleration of the particle at 2 cm distance from mean position is 8cm/sec  what will be the velocity of the particle at a distance 3 cm from mean position .

  1. Write short note in any two of the Following ?
  • Stress-strain curve
  • Theorems of moment of inertia
  • Different forms of energy and energy Transformation

(B) Uses of Ultrasonic waves .

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