How to Prepare JIPMER MBBS Exam 2016

How to Prepare JIPMER MBBS Exam 2016

JIPMER MBBS 2016 Entrance Exam Preparation Tips :

The Eligible User  must be Following Few JIPMER MBBS 2016  Entrance Exam Preparing Tips and Success to any Entrance exam for 2016.

  • Eligible Candidate must be Follow and read the NCERT PCB (Physics , Chemistry , Biology Books as a 11th and 12th Standards .
  • Eligible Candidate maintain a study and keep Update News.
  • Candidate Must be Focus Newspaper to help the update your knowledge.
  • Candidate attend and Solved MBBS Entrance Exam Preview years Question paper to help the Get out marks in JIPMER MBBS Entrance Exam 2016.
  • Candidate is no escape form hard work to your study, and honest effort will take your JIPMER MBBS Entrance Exam 2016.

Subject According Syllabus Details:

Biology:  Basic element and Concept of  Biology , , A brief account of Classifications of Animal Kingdom , germination , Growth and Development  Plant hormones and Vitamins ,Elementary study of Plant Physiology , Environment and Pollution-air , Stem and Leaf of both monocot and Dicots ,Ecosystem ,water and soil Community ,Morphology of Root , Anatomy of Root ,.

Chemistry :    Basic Element and Concept  Chemistry , Concept of an atomic orbital , , De-Broglie Equations , Adequacy of Bohr’s Model , Hund’s rule ,Periodic Law, Aufbau principle, Long form of periodic table , Division of Elements , Application of Organometallics , First Law of thermodynamics , Hydrocarbons all element , Concepts of Internal Energy and enthalpy ,.  

Physics: Basic Concept of  Physical Measurement , , Work Energy and Power , fatch as Gravitations , Errors in Measurement ,Gravitational potential Energy , Brownian Motion , Archimedes’ Principle , Atomic Masses , Binding Energy , Nuclear energy , Molecular energies , Solids and their Structures ,Semiconductor ,Transistors ,Amperes Law , magnetic dipole Moment , Light Rays , Wave fronts.   





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