Probability & Statistical Techniques Preview year question paper 2015

Probability & Statistical Techniques  Preview year question paper 2015


Probability & Statistical Techniques Questions paper can be used full all computer science Student  like BSC IT , BCA , BSC Computer science, B.Tech Computer science and Information technology field .  student  to help and some basic understanding of Probability & Statistical techniques question paper  to help to get more  of number  of this subject . 

Probability & Statistical Techniques question paper 2015


Q1. Attempt any Five questions

  1. Define Sample Space .Also Explain Sampling with & Without Replacement ?.
  2. Write a short note on Poisson Distributions?.
  3. Write a short note on Erlang distributions?.
  4. What is Frequency distribution ? Differentiate between geometric mean & harmonic mean ?.
  5. The Probability of occurrence of an event A is 0.7 , the Probability of non-occurrence of event B is 0.5 and that of at least one of A and B not occurring is 0.6 Find the Probability that at least one of A and B Occurs ?
  6. A box contains 10 articles out of which 3 are defective . if a random sample of 5 articles is drawn without replacement , calculate the Probabilities that the sample contains ?.
  • Only one Defective
  • At least one defective

Q2. Attempt any four questions :

  1. Explain Continuous Random Variable ?.
  2. Explain Correlation and Regression ?.
  3. Explain Conditional Probability ?.
  4. What is binomial distribution ?.
  5. Define Histogram ?.

Q3. Attempt any  Five Questions :

  1. State and Prove Bayes’ Theorem ?.
  2. Define Normal distributions . state the Important Properties of normal distribution?.
  3. Explain random sampling & sample statistics ?.
  4. The letters of the word computer are arranged at random . find Probability that vowels occupy even Place ?.
  5. The number of monthly breakdowns of a computer is random variable having Poisson Distributions with parameter Y=1.8 find the Probability that this computer will function for a month ?.

(A)Without a breakdown

(B)With only one breakdown

6.     Define chi-square and discuss its uses in testing of Hypothesis .

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