UPMT 2016 Exam pattern and Syllabus

UPMT 2016 Exam pattern and Syllabus

UPMT 2016: The uttarakhand Pre-medical Test are Recently released to admission Notifications of 2016,

Basically the UPMT (Uttarakhnad Pre-medical Test )is a State level Medical Entrance Exam to take a admission in various of Medical courses like MBBS, BDS, BAHM and Etc .

UPMT 2016 Exam pattern and Syllabus and subject detilals 

UPMT Syllabus Details : the UPMT Entrance Exam 2016, candidate subject is already Know which subject are asked the Number of Questions , Its Actually UPMT Exam Consist of Chemistry, Biology , Botany ,Zoology ,and Physics.

UPMT 2016 Exam pattern and Syllabus

UPMT Entrance Exam 2016 Exam Pattern :

 General English50


UPMT Entrance Exam 2016 Syllabus Details:

Subject DetailsMarks
Physics :

·         Law of Motions in Physics

·         Basic Concepts of Physics

·         Physics Work ,Energy ,and Power

·         Physics Gravitations

·         Physics Current Electricity

·         Current Electrical and Event

·         Physics Motions of System of particles and Rigid Body

·         Physics Atoms and Nuclei

·         Dual nature of Matter radiations   

Chemistry :

·         Chemistry Basic Concepts

·         Classifications of Elements and Periodicity

·         Chemistry Thermodynamics

·         Chemistry Redox, Reactions

·         Chemistry Structure of Atom

·         Chemistry Hydrogen

·         Chemistry P Block and S Block Element

·         Chemistry of polymers

·         Chemistry Biomolecules

·         Chemistry Surface .  

Biology :

·         Basic Concept of Biology

·         Ecology and Environment

·         Biology and Human Physiology

·         Cell Structure and Functions

·         Bio Plant Physiology

·         Genetics and Evaluations

·         Biology Biomolecules

·         Human Physiology and Applications tiger

·         Biology Human Welfare

·         Biology Genetics Disorder     

General English :

·         Basic of Concept in English Languages

·         English Grammar   




UPMT 2016 Important Date And Information


Number of Questions :

the Uttarakhand Pre-Medical Entrance 2016 Consist of Provided to 200 Questions .


Questions Types :Objective Types


Durations Time3 Hours
Negatives marks :the UPMT Exam Questions paper for Each Correct Answer +1 marks are Given  and Incorrect Answer -1 marks are Deducted .



Subject of UPMT Entrance Exam 2016

Physics , Chemistry ,Biology , and General English .


UPMT Admit Card AvailableMay 2016
Last date Summit online applicationsApril 2016
UPMT entrance Exam dateMay 2016



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