Today is a Huge  Student Related to IT Field . and web technology is a one of the most  popular and interesting subject of Information  Technology and computer Science filed . web technology refers to briefly explorer  to web design and web development process  to worldwide level . most of student find simple model paper for relative subject to help exam preparation . the  www.Cyberinfoage.com  provided to Computer science  related model question paper to help computer science student and improve mark and percentage .


Total marks 70



Important Note :  all Questions  Compulsory.


Q1. Attempt any 3  Questions .                                   

  • What is Html ,Css ? Discuss the history of Web?.
  • Describe the Function object in JavaScript with an Example?.
  • What is a markup Language and what is the relationship between XML, HTML, and DHTML?.
  • Create HTML Page for Following Features ?.
  • Create an unordered list.
  • Create an ordered styles.
  • Use various bullet Styles .
  • Created nested Lists.
  • Use graphics as Bullets


  • Describe the internet Protocol which are governing the Web ?


 Q2. Attempt any 3  Question.                                             

  • What are the roles and Responsibilities of a web team members? also identify Necessary skills of Team Members ?.
  • What do you means validation? Using JavaScript, validate an input-filed that contains an E-mail address?.
  • Describe the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) with an Example use the Font Attributes and Text Attributes in the Example ? Discuss term Entity in Xml. Also Explain Different type of Entities?.
  • Discuss the role of Forms as well as Frames in HTML with Proper Examples?.
  • How to XML can be used? How to convert XML Document HTML, And others format?.


Q3. Attempt any Two  Question .     

  • Create Web page , Which accept user Information and user Comments on the web site To check  if all the Text Field have being entered with data else display an alert.
  • Explains different types of  used in XML.
  • What are some Typical miscommunication between client and web team? Between programmers and Designers ?.


Q4. Attempt any two  question .                   

  • Describe all the ways of creating Arrays in Java Script ?.
  • Describe the internet Protocols in Web? Also discuss the role of Administrator in Web Team.
  • Write the code Trough proper example on following event
  • OnBlur() Event of a Textbox
  • OnLoad () event of a Form
  • onSubmit() event of a Form


Q5. Write short note on any two Question.

  • RMI
  • ASP















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