DS4Windows Free Download For Windows 10, 7, 8 Latest 2019

DS4Windows is a Portable application program that allows getting controller many more games emulating and accessible

Basically, the DS4Windows get experience while using a DualShock 4 on Your Computer System and used on PS4 Controller on your PC and Full Potential on your gaming system.

However, the DS4Windows utility can use to the PS4 Controller directly from the computer System it can handle all the mapping controls.

DS4 Windows application software is licensed as freeware for Windows 64 bit and 32-bit operating system without restrictions.

DS4 Windows was projected originally started by Chester by the name of DS4 Tool, the tool was later branched off by electro brains.


DS4Windows Specification 2019:

Application NameDS4Windows
Application TypesGames Emulating
Latest VersionDS4 Windows 1.6.7
Recruitment OSWindows 10, Windows8, Windows7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
LicenseFree of Cost
File Size1.12 MB
Download DS4WindowsDownload Now
More DetailsClick here

 DS4Windows Features:

  • DS4 Windows used x360 input to used DS4 tool and get control more games
  • DS4 tool used the touchpad mouse for more actions
  • DS4 Windows Application Automatically get new Updates
  • Automatically Switch profiles by when an install application programs
  • Buttons and sticks to other 360 controls or keyboard action macros
  • Used Sixaxis movement for just many actions
  • DS4 Windows assign a dead zone both analog sticks, triggers, and Sixaxis
Profile SystemUsed the profiles, DS4 Windows it makes easier to quickly swap through a number of sets for your DS4Windows controller, and you can controls for certain games for set light bar color as your favorite and along touchpad to swap profiles without a need to even open and back the DS4Windows programs.
Simple and Clean UIDS4 tool ready for a controller to your games, and UI makes quick to pick up once programs first launched and take you through the setup and DS4Windows is really Simple and Clean UI application programs
Tons of OptionsThe DS4 Tool form control mapping and touchpad sensitivity to Marcos to rainbow light bar, motion controls to special actions and multiple actions, however, when a launching programs with profiles there are plenty of settings to play around with tons of programs
Automatic ProfilesThose programs along the switching profiles manually you can also switch your controllers to different profiles automatically when certain programs are launched

 DS4Windows All Versions:

1Version 1.1.32Fix for when Users want to skip downloading their native language
2Version 1.4.32Added Sensitivity settings for both Sticks, triggers and gyro and fixed action window popping up after closing the profile setting
3Version 1.4.321Changed the Rainbow button and actual button for using Sixaxis mouse
4Version 1.4.4Each button and controller have their own independent shift trigger and instead of universal on selected action windows
5Version 1.4.401Fix for inverting the sticks updated many more languages like French, German, Russian, and Vietnamese  translations
6Version 1.4.5Supported for new DS4 USB Adapter
7Version 1.4.52Added support for new DS4 Controllers
8Version 1.6.7Added new Function and fully controller features

DS4Windows Requirements:

  • This Application required 5 driver and higher recruitment DS4 Drivers
  • DS4 Drivers download and Installed with DS4 Windows Application Programs
  • Microsoft 360 Drivers link and install DS4 Software
  • Sony DualShock 4
  • Micro USB Cable requirement
  • Bluetooth 2.1+Via adapter or built-in PC recommended (Optional)

DS4Windows Download and Install:

  • Download here DS4 Tool Windows Zip
  • Extract here 2 Programs DS4 Windows and DS4Updater two software attached DS4 Windows Zip Folder
  • Open and Launch DS4 Windows Software application form
  • Then windows will pop up showing how to install the drivers, if not get to set and click here controller /Drivers Setup
  • After connecting the Ds4 via micro USB or through Bluetooth DS4 Device Name wireless controller
  • Should go once you connect the controller if not will be restart DS4Windows or even your computer system

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