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Polytechnic Concrete Technology Question Paper for Civil Engineering

Polytechnic Concrete Technology is the Part of Civil Engineering; Candidates can download Polytechnic and Diploma Level Polytechnic Concrete Technology preview years Question.

Q1. Fill in blanks

  1. Cement is used as……… in Cement Concrete.
  2. The Portland cement was Invented by ………
  3. The Water cement ratio is ……….. Proportional to Compressive strength of concrete
  4. To Avoid segregation, height of drop of concrete should not exceed……..
  5. Increase in water …………… the workability
  6. As per IS 456-2000, minimum grade of concrete required for RCC Work is……….
  7. Cement is always batched by…………….
  8. Admixtures………….. the durability of concrete
  9. The concreting which takes place in water is called….
  10. The weight of one bag of cement is…………

Q2. State True and False

  1. Strength of concrete increases with time.
  2. Fineness of cement is determined with IS Sieve no.9
  3. The water cement ratio increases with increase in quantity of cement.
  4. Concrete is strong in compression
  5. In hardened concrete, cover to reinforcement can be measured with non-destructive testing

Q3. Attempt any Six Question

  1. Explain the Various Properties of ordinary Portland cement.
  2. What are the Properties of concrete in green and hardened stage?
  3. What are the limitations of water cement ratio law
  4. What are the advantages of slump test
  5. What preventive measures should be taken to avoid the bleeding in concrete
  6. Differentiate between normal and controlled concrete mix
  7. How will you determine the capacity of a ware house
  8. What are the requirement of a good aggregate
  9. Write the advantages of Machine mixing over hand mixing
  10. Give importance of non-destructive testes

Q4. Attempt any Three Question

  1. What is the curing of concrete? Explain the Different methods of curing
  2. Explain the detail the grading of concrete
  3. Explain the various factors that affects the workability of concrete
  4. Explain the Various Types of Mixers in Details, Also give their capacity
  5. Explain the hot weather concreting in details
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